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Dozo Group Pty Ltd is a young company, proud to offer the very latest in quiet, eco-friendly and energy efficient ductless air conditioning and heating systems. We continue to build trust in thousands of homes every year. We are committed to keeping house owners and businesses running with a level of service that they appreciate and value.

We offer a number of ways to order:

Online – all our products are available online for easy order. You simply add your brand new AC system to your basket, then enter your details and checkout.

Phone – we can take orders over the phone, this is useful if your connection speed to the internet is slow, or you require advice. Our contact number is: 065 990 1182

Email – we can deal over email, building to a point where we send you a draft quotation/order with banking your information. Send your quotation request to [email protected]

We accept all major credit and debit cards through our 3D secure Payfast Gateway.

Our preferred method of payment is EFT (Electronic funds transfer). This keeps our overall prices even more competitive with no value-added payment gateway commission. Please note that the Order Number/Order ID must be used as reference on payment and the proof of payment must be e-mailed to [email protected]

Once placed, orders cannot be cancelled. If you no longer want to receive the order, you can log a return by email on receiving your parcel. The item will then be collected from you free of charge, and a refund (or exchange, if requested) will then be actioned once the items are returned to our warehouse.

If items have not been dispatched, a refund will be actioned within 24 to 48 hours from the date the funds cleared.

There are a few factors involved in selecting the right system. You will need to keep in mind the size of your home/space, your comfort preferences, how much energy you use and how much energy you want to use, as well as numerous other relevant factors. Each system has a different BTU (British Thermal Unit; used as a standard for measuring heating and cooling capacity) and it is important that you choose the right BTUs for your space. Additionally, a system that is too big or too small will not be as effective.

You can determine the size of your unit by multiplying the length(in meter) x width(in meter) of the room, then multiply this figure by roughly 600 Btu’s per m². See chart below for reference.

These air conditioning units do not need a separate power supply and can be plugged into a wall socket:

  • 9000BTU/h will cover up to 18m²
  • 12000BTU/h will cover up to 25m²
  • 18000BTU/h will cover up to 35m²

The following sizes require a separate power supply and isolator installed to connect the outdoor unit.

  • 22000BTU/h will cover up to 45m²
  • 24000BTU/h will cover up to 50m²
  • 30000BTU/h will cover up to 60m²
  • 32000BTU/h will cover up to 65m²

Two or more Air Conditioners may be used together depending on your requirements.

An Inverter is a new system in the AC’s that when the AC reaches its temperature, the system slows down using less electricity with less consumption and it keeps your room at the preferred temperature. It eliminates wasted operation in air conditioners by efficiently controlling motor speed. It maintains set temperature by cooling when room temperature rises above the set temperature and heating when the room temperature falls below the set temperature. When an appropriate pace is maintained, the unit continues to run without wasting energy.

When a unit operates with a pattern of starting and stopping, resting, and then starting and stopping once again, it uses more energy. The non-inverter/fixed speed on the other hand was designed with an earlier technology that doesn’t necessarily regulate how your electricity is consumed. These systems are less costly and based on energy ratings.



This is probably the one aspect where fixed speed aircons will win out against an inverter aircon, as non-inverter aircons are much cheaper. Really, the primary drawback of an inverter aircon is the initial price to pay upon buying one.

However, many will argue that the costs involved with an inverter unit should be considered as an investment, as an inverter type is a more versatile and advanced machine compared to a non-inverter if you’ll be using the AC for long-term.

For Installation, we have an order co-ordination team that will contact you straight after placing an order to confirm the current lead-time on your chosen product, and will also then arrange a suitable delivery/installation date with you if that is your choice.

Standard delivery takes between 1-5 working days depending on your area you live in. Delivery will be done by our preferred courier partner.

All the products we sell have manufacturers warranties.

Samsung HVAC products are offered with a 5 year warranty provided that the unit is installed by an installation company authorized by Samsung, the unit is serviced as per the warranty card guidelines; and the customer registers their product on Fourways Aircon .

Jet-Air HVAC systems are offered with a 5 year warranty on the compressor and 3 year warranty on the rest of the unit provided that the unit is installed by an installation company authorized by Jet-Air, the unit is serviced at least once every 6 month per Jet-Air’s warranty guidelines; find out more Jet-Air

We would be very happy to supply bespoke pricing for your big project. Please either give us a call on 065 990 1182 or email us on [email protected] and we can run through things with you. We can often offer great savings this way.